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What is the Trellis&Training and Net System?

Trellis&Training and Net System is a system that ensures the fixation and controlled growth of fruit trees from the sapling. Many materials are used when installing the Trellis&Training and Net System. The most reliable and long-lasting post material is impregnated wood. However, metal and concrete posts can also be used. The posts, which are planted in the ground and serve as carriers, are fixed with galvanized steel ropes. With the net covered on it, the Trellis&Training and Net System is established. Thanks to the Trellis&Training and Net System, fruit trees are protected from adverse weather conditions (hail, harmful rays of the sun and strong winds).

Trellis&Training and Net System Installation

In the light of the project, the first stage is the construction of the posts. Steel Galvanized ropes are pulled and the net is started to stretch. In general, the standard post length is 4 meters. Optionally, 5m, 6m and long posts can be constructed. The constructed posts are secured with steel ropes. The final step is to draw the net. The properties of the net to be covered are selected according to the fruit tree to be grown; how much the fruit tree should receive the sun, should it be completely protected from the sun, the amount of hail falling is determined by the answers to the decisive questions.

What are the Benefits of Trellis&Training and Net System?

  • Trellis&Training and Net System Protects fruit trees from hail.
  • It prevents strong winds from breaking tree branches.
  • It prevents sunburns caused by harmful sun rays on fruits.
  • Trellis&Training and Net System ensures 1st class fruit growth.
  • Maximum efficiency is obtained from healthy grown fruits.
  • Thanks to the Trellis&Training and Net System, dense planting can be done, which allows more fruit production per unit area.
  • Thanks to the Trellis&Training and Net System, the planted dwarf fruit trees are trained.
  • It becomes easier to prune, graft and harvest the treated tree.
  • Trellis&Training and Net System is a supportive system. The supported tree produces large and high quality fruit without stress.

In Which Gardens Can the Trellis&Training and Net System Be Used?

In general terms, it can be used for all orchards that you want to protect from hail, sunburns and strong winds. The main types of fruit trees used are as follows; It is an ideal system for Dwarf Apple Trees, Flat Peach, Vineyards, Fig Trees, Blueberry Production, Cherry Trees, Nectarine Trees, Date Trees and Pear Trees.

Trellis and Training and Net System Cost

There are many factors that affect the cost of the Trellis&Training and Net System; such as the condition of the land, the materials to be used, the shading rate of the net to be used, the size of the garden. As Demirbaş Tarım, we make the most suitable Trellis&Training and Net System plan by making exploration and projecting in the orchard before determining the price. After planning and projecting, we offer pricing to our customers.