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How do we work?

Project planning and competence are important for turnkey orchard installation. With the experience of our company in the sector, we have been successfully installing a turnkey orchard for many years.

Land Procurement and Project Planning

The selection of land suitable for the orchard to be established is made and the image data of the land on the satellite is taken into the computer environment and the project is made. After the projected work is approved, the preparation processes are started.

Infrastructure and General Preparations

Processing the land and making it ready for planting saplings and infrastructure works. Construction of the business building and supply of orchard equipment. Installing the electrical installation, determining the irrigation source and preparing the infrastructure.

Irrigation System and Planting Saplings

After the infrastructure is prepared, the irrigation system is installed. With the established irrigation system, sapling planting begins. Pre-prepared seedlings are made ready for planting. With the planting of the saplings, everything is prepared for the Trellis&Training and Net System.

Trellis&Training and Net System

With the completion of the preparations, system construction begins in the light of the Trellis&Training and Net System project. In general, after the measurements made in the garden, the post planting process begins. Steel ropes are drawn to the erected posts. By pulling the net, theTrellis&Training and Net System is established. With the installation of the Trellis&Training and Net System, the turnkey garden installation comes to an end. The ready garden is delivered to the customer.